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Coleman Rechargeable Quickpump

Coleman Rechargeable Quickpump

The new "Red Edition" Coleman New Rechargeable Quickpump Red is super high powered to inflate a double airbed in well under a minute. A high performance electric airbed pump that can be recharged from a 12V vehicle or from the mains for use anywhere in the field using its own rechargeable battery. Use it anywhere to quickly inflate or deflate a host of airbeds, boats and other inflatables. Comes complete with extension hose, adapters, 12V and mains chargers and carry bag.

Thankfully, the pump also deflates - a godsend for anyone whose been faced with deflating certain "undeflatable" airbeds

Runtime: 20 minutes
Airflow: 679 litres per minute
Head pressure: 39mBar
Features: Adapters, hose and carry bag included
Weight: 1,33kg
Power cord: 180cm

Price: 30.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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