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Awning Tunnel Tension Pole

Awning Tunnel Tension Pole

A Tunnel tension pole kit to stop saggy awning tunnels when you dont get the van distance from the awning perfect when connecting it up, also works well to keep tension in the tunnel when its windy and rainy to stop it filling with water and sagging.
Please note these are a clearance product and are sold as slight seconds - Why ?, because they have been sat around for a while and some of the silver colouring on the ferules on the pole ends is discoloured or tarnished. This does not affect there use in any way but as i dont have the time to open and check every bag to see which and how they are affected i am clearancing them as seconds. This pole will fit an awning with a 3 metre wide (at floor level) connection tunnel that is designed to be connected to a height of around 1.8 to 2 metres on your van, you can make it fit higher stuff by getting spare poles in the correct size and adding extra poles to give more height to it. It is shown here attached to a Khyam Motordome and a VW T 5

Price: 30.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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